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Brand valuation service

Measurement model based on ISO 10668 and ISO 20671-1 standards
A measurement, not an opinion
A calculation that increases the company's value
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ValueMyBrand is a brand valuation service. Together with you, we collect market, business and customer data. We use the data to evaluate your market position, customer preference and other signals to determine how much does your brand benefit you in business. We will give this benefit a valuation.

This valuation you can use for your benefit when selling the company, negotiating for financing and simply measuring the effectiveness of branding.

Why brand value matters?

By measuring the value of your brand and monitoring it regularly, you will get more out of your brand and be able to influence its development. Our experts evaluate the strength of your brand and consult on the development of brand value. That way, you can develop an even stronger brand and be able to utilize its value in company valuation and as a measure of brand work. ValueMyBrand is the simplest tool for monetizing your brand. The best brands win, make sure you're one of them.

How brand value is measured?

To measure brand value, we use a brand valuation model based on the international standards ISO 10668 and ISO 20761-1. We've taken our time developing and testing the model in various industries.
For an example of brand valuation, you may

What does ValueMyBrand offer?

Our measurement report includes brand value and its components. The report gives you a tool for developing brand value, increasing shareholder value. Most importantly, the valuation gives you leverage in business negotiations - whether you are selling, buying or looking for financing.

Who is ValueMyBrand?

We are experts with marketing and communications measurement background from Finland. Our experts have previously worked with local and global brands including Nakheel, Qualcomm, Nokia, Prada, Nissan and Telia.

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Our Services

Brand Value Measurement

Want to utilize your brand to its fullest? Order Brand Value Measurement and gain an ace up your sleeve for exit and financing negotiations.

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Brand Value Consultation

Benefit from our findings. Whether you want to boost your brand value or find out how to develop the weak spots in your brand, we help you.

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