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Before reading any further, You must understand that this is a business site aiming at sales of Our analysis products. Therefore, from the moment You enter the site, we are working towards making you Our client, using digital tools to reach the target. From our point of view, it is fair that You understand this, and accept the cat-and-mouse game that is about to start. We may fail in our effort, but if We succeed, You’ll get one heck of a service that is going to help You see branding and brand building in a new, monetary light. If You cannot accept this use of Your data, do not create an account.  

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on 19 October 2023.
Our Terms of Service was last updated on 19 October 2023. 

Our Privacy Policy covers Your use of Our site and Our marketing actions prior Signing Up / Registering an account.  

Our Terms of Service covers Your use of Our service and our marketing actions targeted to registered users.

For the purpose of the policy and TOS, We means ValueMyBrand, You means the person creating the account, service means website and any tools and data found on it or downloaded from it.

Privacy Policy (a.k.a. Cookie Policy)

We care about Your privacy and collect little identifiable data on You before You sign up.

The services we use: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Fonts, YouTube and Webflow may install cookies to your device(s). The purpose of the cookies is to guarantee basic website functionality, to perform website analytics, to market Our service to new and returning visitors, and to gain new sign ups.  For these purposes, We use enhanced Analytics features that help Us understanding our audience. These tools may profile You anonymously and add You to marketing lists.

We reserve Ourselves rights to add additional audience insights tools. if You want Us not to process Your data, You may not accept the cookies, avoid Our contact forms, don't send Us emails and leave the site as soon as possible. 

All the anonymous data We have collected at this phase is Our property. We may transfer or sell it to a third party, if necessary. Such cases include, but are not limited to, acquisition, outsourcing, consulting, marketing or cooperation with government or law enforcing bodies. 

Terms of Service (“TOS”) 

These are the Terms of Service of website (“Service”). These Terms of Service do not contain the TOSs of the ValueMyBrand Brand Value Measurement service or ValueMyBrand Brand Value Consultation service (“Products”).  

Use of service and signing up for an account

By accessing or using the Service You agree for Our use of Your data. If You disagree with any part of this TOS then You may not use the Service. In such case, do not create an account. 

To sign up, You must enter Your valid personal data: Email address, Name and Company name. This data is used to create the account. To validate Your email, You will receive a transactional mail. When signing up for Your account, You confirm that the data You have given is correct. If the data You have entered is incorrect, We may close Your account and any future accounts without notice.


You own Your data. By signing up, You give Us the right to use and enrich the data You have entered when signing up.  

We own Our methodology, materials and data. By signing up, We grant You a permission to access the materials and data to better understand Our offering. This permission may be revoked without notice.  We do not grant You a permission to share, modify, edit, or revamp the materials or data. However, You may share any public data or materials We have created. That is: materials and data that are available without an account.

Use of Your data and Our registers

Your data with other user data, forms two registers We use for service delivery, marketing and sales. Our user register is the website database, and Our marketing register is Our marketing automation database. The user register contains information You have given Us and a computer-generated user ID. The user register is managed on a Webflow website. Our marketing register contains Our user register data and data on Your actions and reactions to Our marketing. By registering to Our service, You give Us the rights to contact You and offer You Our service in digital media and email.  

We regularly clean passive accounts from Our service. We may or may not contact You prior Your account deletion. To avoid account deletion, log in to the service regularly.

Sharing Your data and data safety

We only share Your data, when necessary. Such cases include, but are not limited to, acquisition, outsourcing, consulting, marketing or cooperation with government or law enforcement bodies. Any third party involved will be bound by these TOS. 

We use digital systems to manage Your personal data. Your data is saved in Webflow and Brevo. Data safety is essential for both the companies, who We have selected as We trust in their ability to repel any attack or data breach. In any potential data breach, We will work with Our partners and report the crime to the police. In such a case, We will contact You.

Updating the TOS

We may update these TOS. When the TOS will be updated, and the valid TOS will be linked to the log in page.

Cancelling Your account and not accepting the terms of service

If You do not agree with the TOS, do not create an account. The moment You have created an account, You have agreed to these TOS.

If You create an account by mistake or without reading these TOS…shame on You. In such a case, contact Us immediately for account deletion and do not log in. 

You may contact Us any time to cancel Your account. From that moment, You will lose Your right to access Our materials and You are obliged to delete any copy of them You have downloaded. Then, We will delete Your data, unless there is a valid reason to keep it (such as a copyright infringement case, a legal obligation or a contractual obligation).


If You have any questions about this TOS , You can contact Us by sending Us an email: